One of the clubs I was in during high school years worked a booth at the Mainstreet Festival in downtown Franklin. We were doing face painting.
I painted lots of butterflies, cats, dogs, dragons, etc on cheeks!

One kid came up to me and asked for a hamster.
"A what?"
"A hamster."
He was probably 6 years old.
Uhm.... okay.... if you want it!
So, I proceeded to paint my best depiction of a hamster on his face.
This was my interpretation.
I really contemplated whether a tail would be anatomically correct.
When I was finished he looked stressed and displeased.
"Is that not the kind of hamster you were wanting?"
He continued to explain what he was wanting.
I was not following at all.
Then he points at a kid next to him that just had a cat or dog face painted on him that essentially looked like this:

"That is the kind of hamster face I want!"

hahaahahah whoops.
So,  we started over again & he left very pleased with his hamster face painting.

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