Wedding Day

Happy wedding day to my sister!

My amazing mom made another incredible wedding dress!!!!

Her & Danielle designed it together.
Isn't it gorgeous?
 I am SO happy for them!
They are both so happy & I just love that Sean is in the family now!

 Dad being the "holder"
 Like our new stud jewelry?
 Our thoughts on the AZ heat....
 Dani has an awesome group of friends. We all had so much fun & the wedding party was gorgeous!
 Thank you deej for doing the mix-matched dresses. Ah, lifesaver

 The Groom's cake.
He loves dinosaurs & nature.
 Tring to save the bridesmaid bouquets from the heat.
   The outside display.
There was a ton of fruit & paninis.
It was a beautiful set-up! I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture once the food was put out!
 The table-runners. Lemon leaves & flowers.
 The beautiful cake!
 The popcorn barrels.
For any of you who doubted the Stolworthy love for popcorn.
The gorgeous reception hall.
 Momma & Me
 The brideeeeeee
Her bridals were GORGEOUS. I just died over them.
So deserty & so beautiful!
The morning after.
Wow it was an exhausting day & we hardly did anything!
Those Kents threw a beautiful groom's dinner & gorgeous reception!
They will be sleeping well for the next few weeks!
Now it's time for the TN reception! 7/8! Go to their reception at my parent's house!

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  1. Wow those brides maid dresses are so beautiful! And your sister is gorgeous. I love that bridal picture!


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