Mr. Incredible!

I love being married to Weston. It's a lot of fun & we go to bed laughing pretty much every night.

Last night he had just scrubbed down the house & I had just gotten home from a church activity I was in charge of & he asked me how I was going to wear my hair to his sister's wedding.

I hadn't thought about it, so I asked him how he wants me to do it. I knew it was a bad start when it started with, "remember your hair on Sunday?" Uh oh.... remember THIS? How could I forget?

"Well, I really liked how big it was! I just didn't like the whole...bush monkey thing going on."

hahahahhaahha omg. Seriously, I'm laughing as I type this.

I love his descriptions. Perfect fit, I did look like a bush monkey that day.

So, I guess I'll be doing my hair big without the bush-monkey look.

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