Saturday was our gut/clean/organize day. Nevermind that we spent ALL day in one room.
And that the power went out.
That's what headlamps are for.
We got the nursery room which was our junk collector/guest room before.
It is still the guest bedroom & Weston's study & the room w/ his closet in it, but it is now also our nursery.
I know that we will only have the baby just right before we move, but I still just really wanted to get things set up for her. It helped w/ my sanity to know that we're gearing up for it & ready for our special little lady this fall.
We started the evening at the mall foodcourt for dinner. Remember, the power had been out?
Then we went to home depot & got the hardware to fix our awesome second-hand cradle. 
It looks like a college dorm nursery. & I don't even care, I love every bit of it. We have to conserve space & our set-up is perfect.  I can't wait for her to come!

Sunday I'd felt like I'd been hit by 4 trains. And seriously, if you are wondering "How bad can one room be?" It can be really bad. It was Weston's junk room, plus the storage of everything we're afraid to store in our garage. It was a DISASTER! I gutted that room for a preliminary round on the fourth of July. The REAL deep cleaning & gutting would have to be saved for When he's home w/ me at the end of the summer & boy does it look amazing now. Ah, you should see his closet, too. I think I fell in love with him all over again. And you can see the floor. Ah, nothing says love like cleanliness :)

Now to gut/clean/organize our bedroom, that will only take about an hour, but still, I cannot wait till that is attacked sometime this week!


  1. GREAT job!! What a good feeling...can you come do my office? It looks a little bit like Danielle's wedding! haha! Love you!!

  2. Rachel, I sure could use some of your drive and ambition. My get up and go has already gotten up and gone!


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