Look what finally came in the mail!

I have been looking everywhere for one of these puppies!
This is the baby bath my mom had for all of us kids & I remember giving my little brother's baths when they were babies on the sponge.  Stores did not have them, though & I thought they were a lost item.

Hello, Amazon!
Are you looking for a cheap & small baby bath? You can get one HERE.

We have had awesome luck finding things on the cheap. We work with a really small budget, but still have been able to find baby items either really cheap or second-hand.

It has been awesome!
Pretty much all the clothes I have bought have been on clearance for next year's season. (not to mention the adorable baby clothes we've received as gifts from my mom/sister/grandmother/etc.) I've just bought the size of clothes she will be that season next year!  Let's hope she's not too big or small for them or she'll be wearing cute tank tops underneath her winter coat!


  1. I looked all over for one of those and ended up folding up towels in my tub....NOT THE SAME! So glad to know I have hope for the future

  2. Layering tank tops is an option! haha Glad you found what you wanted for your sweet baby. There are so many useful things now that weren't available when I was a young mother. But then, I think of my own mother who had 8 children who did not have the conveniences I had. Some things DO get better in life!

  3. We loved our bath sponge! Much more portable than those big plastic tubs. Ours was just barely retired only a few weeks ago. We used it for more than a year! Pretty good if I do say so myself! ;)


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