Our side of the tracks has had a seriously busy summer!

My sister got married in June, then a best friend in July & then a sister in law this weekend.

Not to mention all my side commission photography jobs. On top of working full time.

I have to say, I've got a pretty rockin' self esteem from the amount of work I'm able to squeeze into a day.

but I am embracing the fall with fully open arms!

Good-bye record breaking hot summer & hello relaxing times with cooler fall weather & baby right on the horizon!

Our little bean is growing like a weed beanstalk.  She is healthy & so active.  When I'm laying on the couch at night I just watch my stomach do dances that before I'd only seen in cartoons.  I LOVE feeling her move. It is seriously the most miraculous and incredible feeling. Weston loves feeling her move & is always shocked when he feels a super-charged kick or punch. Our next ultrasound is in 2 weeks & I am so anxious to see her again. She measured 1.1 pounds about 3 or 4 weeks ago & in my pregnancy 24 week e-mail on Monday it said she should now be weighing 1.1 pounds.  I can't imagine how much she actually weighs right now since she's definitely not on that site's schedule.

I watch our ultrasound movie almost embarrassingly often & watch her sucking on her thumb & then her bottom lip. Oh my goodness, it just makes it so real seeing her doing very real baby things.
Ah, I love her.

Talking to my mom a few weeks ago,  we were talking about something from last year & I told her how it's hard to imagine ever not being pregnant.  I love it so much. I was nervous that my body would look weird pregnant or that I would not feel beautiful with this big balloon in front of me. 
I know she's going to continue to grow & more changes are to come. Sometimes I look down & feel like that 10 yr high school reunion man with a beer gut.  Despite that, though, I really feel beautiful. If only, in the confidence of knowing that my body is doing something completely miraculous. I cannot understand how a woman can be pregnant & not know that God lives.


  1. Amen. It's such a spiritual thing!

  2. Love this Rachel...so miraculous AND exciting!!


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