Weston, EMT-P

 My mom & dad were supposed to roll into town Thursday night around midnight. We were just going to see them at Weston's graduation Friday morning. Then this beautiful face came strolling into my work Thursday around 2. It was amazing. My boss let me check out early & we busted out of town!
We went down to Salem & my mom helped me clean my entire apartment. She is incredible.  Weston & I were planning on doing it that evening! 
 I pop these babies like Pringles.
She treated us to dinner at Firehouse Subs. Btw, if you've never been there...GO!
 Friday morning on our way to Weston's paramedic program graduation ceremony.
 He's so handsome!
 There were great speakers at the ceremony!

I'm so proud of my paramedic!

 Rachel, EMT-P.
 Giving some credit to the little bean!
 Weston & the program director, Captain Allred.
 Returning his fire uniform.
 Weston's parents gave him a very nice engraved pen for his graduation.
 This building has been home to Weston for about a year throughout his EMT program & the entirety of his paramedic program.
 The graduate chose Cafe Rio for his lunch of choice & Brick Oven for dinner with his entire family & my parents! 
 After lunch we went to Cabela's per Weston's request & spent a few hours of fun looking around!
My parent's gave Weston a Cabela's gift card as a graduation gift & he was too excited about it!
 Hello deer Dad!

We definitely stopped at the baby stores in the outlet malls.
I am pretty sure, Weston, Dave & my dad enjoyed it just as much as my mom & me. For real, no sarcasm. 
 My parents are obviously very concerned that we don't have a name nailed down yet :)
No, I have a lot of favorite names, but am really having a tough time finalizing anything. My mom & dad got us this book & we all looked through it reading different names.
Let me say, any of the names Weston & I pick will be better than a third of the names in that book. People are a little loco sometimes.
 We played games in every spare second in the hotel lounge!
 I took her bridals in the morning & then that afternoon Weston's sister went through the Mt. Timpanogos temple on Saturday & afterwards we all met for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Hello 10 new pounds from this weekend...
(thank you mom & dad for treating us! You are so kind!) 
Weston's mom's birthday is in just a couple weeks! So she got the good Texas Roadhouse birthday song & saddle ride! She was such a good sport!
 Sharing a bed with Weston is like sharing a bed with someone who takes up the entire bed.
It was a great weekend! Weston is so happy to be done with his program & I am so proud of the hard work he has invested into his paramedic degree.  He is now preparing for applying to PA school & will hopefully be starting that in 2015. Whew, school is a wild ride.

Life is good & I am tired & my back hurts so bad all I can do is waddle around today!  
Our baby girl is growing quickly & really well. She is strong & active!
We are so excited to meet her!


  1. Congratulations Weston on your graduation!

  2. Congratulations, Weston! Such a wonderful milestone for you among others that will follow, especially the birth of your first child! We couldn't be prouder of you for your many accomplishments in nailing this program! I am excited to see all that you will achieve in the coming years! Rachel, this was chuck full of fun reading, fabulous photos, and a tiny glimpse for all of us that were not able to be present for all the fun! Thank you so much! I loved every bit of this and will absolutely read it again and again! Such a wonderful time for all of you and it thrills me to see the great relationship you have with your loved ones, Rachel and Weston! Love you bunches! Grandmother xxxooo


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