a trip to the hospital

The day before the wedding I was having some weird symptoms & issues.
I called the doctors office & they said to just take it easy. Later I had some other issues & the nurse told me to go home & if it happened again to go to L&D.
Weston was freaked out with the thought of being told to go to L&D. I told him, I was freaking out until I knew there was something that I needed to freak out about.
I always feel bad calling the office & so I try not to do it, thankfully they're always so nice & understanding when I call with a concern.  I always preface it with "I'm sorry, this may be a really dumb question, but this is the first time I've ever been pregnant & I have no idea what are 'red flags' & what's normal!"

I went home from work & took a good long nap. We're talking a 2 hour nap. I cannot remember the last time I had a 2 hour nap, but oh my gosh. Maybe it's because it was Shark Week, but seriously it was a REALLY GOOD NAP.

I woke up & had some more of those symptoms & so off we went to L&D. They hooked us up to the monitor & yet again we had another medical person freak out about how active our baby is & also how low she is. Don't you worry, I can feel just how low she is. Ow.
It was fun hearing her heartbeat & we also laughed about how low the heart monitor for the baby had to be to even get her heartbeat. & then the loud noises over the speakers when she'd flip.  Then we'd have to readjust it & find her heartbeat again.  Little stinker.
I love it so much when she moves. She seriously is flipping around all the time all day/night long. It is the best part of every day!

This was our view outside of our room. Uhm, can we please get this room again when the real deal comes in a few months??!
 The sunset was gorgeous, too! 
 I don't know what all that stuff means, but her heart rate was great!

Everything turned out to be OK which we were thrilled about! The alternative was being in the hospital on bed-rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. No thanks! 
We decided to take our 25 weeks picture! Our due date is the 23rd of November for our induction, hallelujah! If we make it that far. I just tell our baby 'Stay in there as long as you need to be to be healthy...then you're more than welcome to hop out!'
 Happy campers to get to go home!
 We had a fun time acquainting ourselves w/ where our little babe will be all wiped down & foot stamped, etc! Weston is a little bit excited!
This little bean loves giving us a run for our money!

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