Our baby's heartbeat was good & strong this morning! 140s is what we LOVE to hear!

I love this girl so much. We have an ultrasound this afternoon. I get giddy for these ultrasounds possibly more than Christmas.  I cannot wait to see her again. It's been too long!

Our doctor told us today that they'll start doing weekly ultrasounds at 32 weeks.
Our doctor also said he has no idea if we'll carry to term or not. I'm so anxious to know, trying to work out finances & plan ahead with my work is really hard with the unknowns.
He said, though, that he'd be thrilled if we make it to 32 weeks, that she'd be in the NICU for a while, but that she shouldn't have lifelong affects from it at that point. He also said anything over 32 weeks we will count as icing on the cake!

That was weird & exciting all at the same time...that is only a few weeks away.
Is time fast forwarding somehow. We're 5-6 weeks away from that. That is really soon. Ah.

He said she's growing great & she is snuggled inside just like a little burrito!

I love her! 


  1. Wish I had come to your blog sooner. So good to get this update, Rachel and Weston. It will be fun to see more ultrasound pictures of her as we wait for her to make her appearance.
    We are counting the days for all three of you girls to have your babies in October and in November. By Thanksgiving we will have the tallest list of things we are grateful for! Love you!

  2. Why do the doctors think that she's going to come early? Will they induce you at 32 weeks? Or are they hoping for a longer "cooking" time?

  3. Kara, they think she might come early just bc of studies w/ women w/ septated uterus(es) :) But She seriously is cacooned in there perfectly right now, I'm hopeful she'll be full-term! They're inducing at 39 weeks they said if she hasn't come by then!


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