Friday night after the wedding we just wanted to unwind from an insane summer.
We needed some serious R&R Want to know what we did?
We made baby shoes & watched Annie!
Weston really enjoyed it actually!
We had such a fun & relaxing afternoon/evening.
 Our first pairs. They aren't the best, but I am excited to work on perfecting the art & making them wider...because let's be honest, this baby isn't going to have ski feet too long after birth!
I suspect she'll chub right up!
 I also dyed fabric for a baby blanket. Dying fail, my color turned out not a thing like I was attempting.
Babies love being swaddled in bright orange, right?
 This is probably Punjab inspired.
I also got these two new fabrics for a certain project that I'll post after I've finished. I had a couple hiccups working on it yesterday! I am so excited, though, & am so happy to have time to create again!


  1. Ahh Rachel I just love reading your blog :-) If we ever both live in TN again lets be friends, K? K!


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