Walking in a winter wonderland.

This weekend was the BEST weekend.
I will post pictures tonight, so check back in.

Just know:
We bought a tree.
We decorated that tree.
We took about 3 trips to Walmart because we were missing things for the tree. Like lights.
We redecorated the tree.
We glued broken ornaments together.
Wes hiked the Y w/ Spencie & co.
I went to the gym & took about 4 trips to Hobby Lobby in 4 days. I need an AA meeting for HL.
We listened to LOTS of Christmas Pandora.  Kenny G style.
We sat on the couch. in sweats. & poured our hearts out while watching the beautiful tree!
We watched Lost... Too much Lost.
We had lots of visitors on Sunday.
Jenna/Jordan. Jennordan. Still working on their morph name.
Kristin, Joel, baby Siena.  Krisoelena.
Then we went to Kristin & Joel's & played Phase 10. Wes won. Thank goodness.... bahahah it was fun

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