I made a stocking for Melissa! :) I'll put up a picture of the finished deal later, she loved it!
 We got a tree! (from Lowe's)
It was the best decision.  It is beautiful & full & soft needles & fills the house with the most wonderful pine smell!
 Operation Tree

 We bought our first tree topper!
 Note in this awkward smile picture.  Look at the items sitting on the side-table.
It's the essentials. Our $2 BBB headscratcher.  Nail polish remover. Nail Polish.  Cotton balls.  Wrapping paper. Mason jar.  We drink from mason jars. Nom.
 Our tree!
 My TN sign being hanging crookedly & being swallowed up by the enormous wall.... It will be relocated, but I love it!
 My Argentinian Nativity & Tree of Life! Thanks Dad!
 Starring the tree!
 We love our tree!

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