Okay, I just have to say that sometimes I am really tired. & last night at work I was spent. Wanted to sleep. It took a little longer than normal to close up & I was so tired. Then I take the trash to the dump & head back to the car to go pick up Wes from UVU where he was doing his homework.  Good heavens.  The car next to me had parked literally 3 inches from my car. & I was in my own stall. I was so mad.  If they knew my handicap of having rods all up & down my spine & that I can't bend my back, they would realize how rude that was to make me climb in the passenger side door & try to crawl through my car to the driver's seat. It was the cherry on top of my day.  Good day, just exhausted & overworked, I felt.

However, something to shake up the norm, I read KSL news every morning.  Monday morning I read a news article that sounded like one of my former tenants that had been evicted from our complex.  They spelled his name different, though, it was spelled Kristoffer Cox or Jones Monday morning.  A girl was missing & the news crew thought one of those names was this guys' name.  They said he's a transient in the area. I thought, "No, that can't be him." So I followed the story & Yesterday the girl was found, she had left the house w/ this guy.  Anyway, apparently Kristoffer Jones is a different guy from Christopher Cox.  & Christopher Cox is who she ran away with. Oh man, I thought, how many homeless Christopher Cox's are there in Provo?  bahahaha so this morning I was telling a coworker about the story & we watched the video accompanying the article....oh my gosh. It showed his picture. & it is so him.  Except his facebook said he attended BYU. That is not true.

Anyway, this summer I was watching a movie w/ my inlaws.  He had just moved into the complex & called me & asked me for a ride to Murray so he could "go see his girl."  Oh holy hannah.  I said no.  Then a few days later he called (I don't normally answer phone numbers I don't know, but when I'm the main contact for our tenants, I have to so that they can reach us) & told me he was at the mall in Orem & that he'd been walking all day & that he was SO exhausted & couldn't walk anymore & he wanted me to come get him.  I told him to take the bus. He said he didn't have money (then what are you doing at the mall?!) & so I told him to contact his bishop & he would help him out with a ride home.  Anyways, interesting kid & he has an interesting life story, don't worry he shared it w/ Wes & I when he'd come hang out w/ us while we were working.
& now he's on the news.

Read the article or watch the vid:


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