nope, not chocolate. Well, actually, that, too.

But my real cravings of late have been some of these:
Pomskies. Thank you Deej for introducing me to this heartthrob.
 Labrador Retriever.
Maltese Bichon (I think this is what Bella is!)

So precious.


  1. Sounds like it's time for a baby! hahahahah!!!

  2. These little puppies are just sooo adorable! So cute, every picture! I still am sad about Georgia. I loved her the most of all the dogs I had to give up for one reason or another. They are such good companions, so loving and sweet. I'm so glad we have Bella here. She greets me so enthusiastically and knows she is going to get a little love, pets and sweet talk from me. These pets are so wonderful but also problems, too. People always should think long and hard before they get into it. I had no idea how expensive it would be to own a pet! Still, you just love them!


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