I love my job.

All students have gone home to Draper, Orem, St. George, & all 5 back to Tennessee :)

SO we've been particularly DEAD at work especially today.

Anyways. I'm down in the urgent care for the last 15 minutes of it being open so one of my coworkers could go home. Anyways, one of the nurses brought a playstation. It's amazing. A nurse & x-ray tech are playing right now. I'm dying laughing. It's so fun. Our nurse practitioner down in the UC also brought a flying shark to work. Seriously. It's been a great day.

Anyways, I'm completely bored.

& We opened Christmas with my parents via Skype on Sunday & pretty much they gave us the greatest gifts! A Clearplay. AWESOME.  I'm not a rated R watcher & there are some pg-13ers that I won't watch bc I can't handle watching junk.  Anyways, now all those movies I wanted to see SOO bad despite it's rating are now accessible to me! Hoooraaaaayyy! We watched Saving Private Ryan last night.  Oh man. Such a good movie. Except I bit off EVERY one of my fingernails. That I was just growing out for Christmas time to be all pretty....whoops!

I also got SUCH a pretty scarf & belt! An enormous mug, We got an awesome tetris board game. I'm so excited. & we got a TON of movies from them, including Saving Private Ryan.  & I got the CUTEST puffy purple down coat. I haven't worn it yet bc I'm saving it for a special occasion. Is that goofy?

& Wes got an AWESOME face shaver! & he got a nice set of hair clippers that he has anxiously been waiting for me to use on his head so we don't have another experience like THIS.

Anyways life is so good!

We're thinking about having a garage sale soon. Or a Weston sale. He will work for pay...we found out our portion of the MRIs he had done.  $860.00  ....uhhhh holy crap. hahahha Merry Christmas to you, too! bahaha no we're okay, but it will be a long paying off process! We'd like to speed it up w/ getting him some more odd jobs!  Let me know if you know of anyone looking for hired help! 

Merry Christmas ya'll!!!

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