It's official.

I'm in the running for a very prestigious award.


Let me tell you how awesome I am.

This morning I had an appointment with the ENT about my swollen for a year lymph nodes. He wasn't worried. Unless it keeps growing larger. Which they haven't they've just stayed swollen.
ANYWAYS, that's besides the point.  I went to work for an hour this a.m. & then went to my appointment. Weston had a final at 7a.m. so he grabbed the bus from campus & met me there. He did not bring his jacket with him. It was snowing this morning. HARD.  So after the appointment was over, it was a little annex of the UVRMC, so close to our apartment. He hopped in the car with me. I didn't want to miss more work, aka use more sick time, so I ditched him at the curb of a stoplight. In the snow. Without a coat. & on top of that I never asked about his exam. 
Winner that is me.

& I was laughing as I drove away with him in my slushy tracks hahahah so terrible.  
I said, "Okay, I have to get back to work so I don't use more sick time, sooo will you please walk from here?"
"It's freezing out & I don't have a coat!"
Car is slowing & I'm ushering him out.
"You always say how much you like the cold, love you!"

Oh man, good thing he is quick to forgive. & good thing it wasn't actually THAT cold out, just a little snowy...
& good thing he really does like the cold...just probably not that much!

Except he always tells me stories of how he used to snowboard without a shirt on. Apparently he gets too hot for a shirt & snowboarding. He can handle a flurry.



  1. hahahahaha, i was dying reading this. i can totally imagine you laughing too. so funny. poor weston.

  2. yeah. i can picture this whole thing.

  3. Love this story. Totally something I would do too.

  4. Oh, poor Weston! Still, the way Spencer and Chase go without a coat...How do these men take the chill? I don't understand it!


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