Happy December 1st!

Happy December 1st! That means 25 days left till Christmas!  I LOVE Christmas!!

I am going to post my favorite Christmas songs each day this month leading to Christmas! I hope you enjoy.

This first video.  Wow talk about tugging on my heart strings. I am an undeniable JB lover.  However, that is not the reason this video is making me tear up a little.  It was filmed in my dreamy hometown Franklin, Tennessee.  Boy do I miss that place. Haven't spent but a day there since Last Christmas.  I won't be home till late next year. But let me tell you this place has such a special part of my heart & always will.  It is so tender & soft in the winter, no snow (Yeah, sorry to break it to you, the snow in the vid is fake), but it gets chili enough for a hat and cute scarf & they have the most beautiful "Noel" sign that stands on top of the Starbucks across from the church where I tended kiddies every Wednesday night & counseled with them.  You can see the square behind JB with the incredible Battle of Franklin memorial statue in the center.  Every year there is the most enormous & beautiful Christmas tree set up next to that tall skinny statue.  This is what that statue looks like in daylight.  I stood on the statues steps to watch the 9/11 memorial on the 1 yr anniversary.  I also stood there to watch many parades. I also filmed my Julius Ceasar movie there for my high school project. When Wes & I were dating we posed sitting on one of the canons below the statue. Ah, I love that place.
The battle of Franklin was a key part of the Civil War. Come visit my family sometime & see all the sites, my mom will welcome you with open arms!
 Oh boy I miss Franklin & it's beauty & charm. I can't wait to move back



  1. Love Franklin!! Love JB!! Some of my favorite wedding pictures we took were in Franklin

  2. Loved that Rach! This is the first time I've seen this video but the town was a-buzz about him filming it at 4 a.m.! Very cool!


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