Happy December 3rd!

This one is often on repeat.... 22 days till Christmas!

Remember the reason for the season!


  1. My fav version of this song is still Lynettes! I LOVE this song too Rach!

  2. So beautiful! I really have loved this song from the minute I heard it! Nice version of it, for sure! Also, I'm glad you love the nativity that I sent you a few years ago. I thought it was sweet then and loved the picture you sent to me, too!

  3. This is my first time looking at your blog since December started...we're doing the same thing! Great minds thing alike. I totally posted this song too. Love!!!! We need to live by each other because 1. we like the same Christmas songs
    2. I read your most recent post about your weekend, vegging out, taking your Christmas tree seriously, and watching Lost.


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