Christmas Update

Pictures will soon come to follow.

The past few weeks have been crazy busy!

I have begun training for a half marathon. Hoorah for finding a solution to my problems, weight hasn't changed yet. But running worked for me in the past & it will do it again. I have just been alternating between 1 mile and 1.5 mile runs. I am really slow, believe me. I got 11:10 on my mile today, I was proud. Yeah, most AVERAGE people can do 1.5 miles in 11 minutes, but I'm still working on it! I'm not looking for speed, I"m looking for endurance.  I have done a marathon before & I will continue to push & do a half again!

On top of that I have my full-time work.

I also made my in-laws a really cute calendar for Christmas full of pictures of the family, I'll post some of them for you to see, too!

I made Melissa a pink pencil skirt with the cutest big bow across the waist, pictures to come.

I made everyone in Weston's family an ornament, because my family exchanges ornaments every year. It's fun. Weston & I have also collected ornaments from our travels. Aka my travels to NYC haha & our honeymoon. :) We failed to get one in Colorado from Thanksgiving..hmmm I need to get on that!

We opened presents with my parents via Skype the Sunday before Christmas.  They gave us all sorts of fancy things! We got a clearplay DVD player....to say I'm thrilled is an understatement.  They gave me a cute purple down coat, Wes a few shirts and a sweater. He also got a nice haircutting kit & an AWESOME Norelco face shaver, pretty awesome!  I also got a really cute cheetah belt & a target gift card! We got the cutest jammies & I got a cute multi-colored scarf that goes nicely with my coat!  & they gave us a bajillion movies! We're so excited!

Then, that night, Wes & I opened our Christmas presents to eachother... he gave me a Wii.....A WII!!!!! I was/am SO excited! Seriously, it is SOOOO fun! It came with a Mario game, which we have played on our downtime!  I gave him some compression shorts for running bc his underarmor ones are lost.  I also gave him lots of movies & a wireless mouse to his laptop.  To say our presents were monetarily equal is an understatement, I got all his movies for $2 at Walmart on Black Friday.... but I picked out some of his favorites, so it was a success!  I got him the Notebook, too. That is one of his favorite movies.  & that is good, because no one can't fall in love with the south watching that thing.  Owning that movie will for sure get him back to TN hahah but seriously he was begging me to watch it last night after the gym...I only wanted to play Mario...hahhahah so backwards...the boy gets the girl video games, the girl gets the boy romance movie.  That's how it goes at our house.

Anyway, Thursday I ran home from work like a headless chicken!  We got to visit with beautiful Jarica for a minute & died laughing over little Aleah who is just such a crack up!  Then Melissa & Taylor came over to caravan down to Wayne together.  We got out the door at about 7 & sat (unknowingly) behind a fender bender at the light to get onto the interstate. The girl didn't have her hazards on & we were sitting behind her for 10 minutes. Finally I hopped out & ran around to see why they weren't moving... I then realized I'd forgotten my prescription, so we headed down to Springville for Maverick gas & got a refill of it at Walgreens, it worked out alright! We finally got to Wayne at about 10 that night. Oh boy we had so much fun down there for the Christmas holiday! We stayed up late talking every night & played some games! Friday we spent in Richfield doing all the grocery shopping.  Let me tell you, we are professional. We also got to meet Taylor's parents while there. We had a lot of fun.  Saturday on Christmas eve Tash & Kell & I went 7 took some fun pictures around Wayne County. Then got home & we all went over to the grandparents house.  This is where Taylor asked Dave something.  It's pretty awesome, I'll tell you about it later. Then we played dress up in old gowns, well Melissa did. We cooked dinner & had such a yummy Christmas dinner with an amazing glazed ham made by the butcher himself Grandpa Stevens.  Then we played Dork, the best card game since Golf, they tie in my mind, which is saying something, I love Golf!  We went home & watched th-th-th-the...THE GRINCH! I love that movie. I forget how much I love it, too, till the next year when I watch it! Grandma & Grandpa Steven's gave us really cute jammies & lotion & a necklace!  

Christmas morning Weston woke us all up at 5a.m. YES 5a.m.  He & Tasha who are the HARDEST people to wake up were the first running to the bathroom to rinse their eyes of sleep. I couldn't believe it, I felt like I'd been hit by a train, Weston is a child at heart, have I told you that?  

Anyways, we opened all our presents! It was so fun! I got 3 sweaters & a blue Wii controller! A Cutco knife & potato peeler.  I also got some necklaces and earings & cute ankle boots!  Wes got a camelback, hiking boots, He also got JetBoil accessories & Winnie the Pooh, let's not forget to mention Kellie got us the cutest little baby potato sack that has a hole for a carseat. It is awesome. & the discussion that followed suit was the most hilarious present!  Kell got a sewing machine & a great point & shoot camera!  She also got some cute sweaters & shirts! Tash got an Ipod touch & ankle boots & lots of great inspirational artwork for her apartment. So fitting for what she is going through right now.  & Melissa got an SLR camera! A Rebel t3i!!! Wowzers! She was loving it & made me teach her some stuff!  We had fun with that! Dave & Joan got clothes, too! Dave's all had Chief Petty Officer mottos & words on them, pretty awesome! & Joan got a garage door opener. She was so excited! Weston & Dave installed it on Monday!  Melissa & Taylor were with us most of the weekend & split it between us & Taylor's family, things are real serious there, it's looking like Taylor is going to be part of the family!

Monday we all relaxed & just really enjoyed company!  Joan & I did a lot of wedding planning!  It was so fun & if they get married it will be at the end of April. How fun!!! & perfect for a wedding!  

Anyways, back to the grind of real life, only to have more vacation this weekend! The Health Center is closed Thursday & Monday surrounding New Years again, I am so excited to go back down & spend time with Weston's family!  They're so great & we really all enjoy eachother a lot!  We'll be heading down Thursday after work, again!

Pictures to come come come!

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