Seriously, ya'll. I have some CUUUUUTE crafts coming up to show you. & I'm pretty much really excited about them. All of the ones i have done within the past few weeks have been extremely successful..it's awesome!
New skirts.
New shirts.
New shoes.

All upcycled. I'm so thrilled.
You will be too, I promise.

Also, we've made some updates to our apartment, too! I'll post pictures of that as well!

Organizing is my anti-drug. Too bad I don't do it nearly often enough.  But it's kept me away from drugs, I guess that's pretty awesome.

This week has been a thrill! I know my blog has been really anti-personable. I kept myself a little TOO busy w/ Christmas gifts. I way underestimated the amount of time my Christmas gifts would take to make. However, The budget of my Christmas gifts has been low monetarily but a HUGE time user. Which is fine, I'm happy to devote time to people, it's my favorite sacrifice, because unfortunately money dries up. & this Christmas season & a mess-up on my w-2 form has left us a little tight in the budget department, but we're completely happy little beavers!  Our Christmas tree is dying.  I'm itching to take it down. But Weston insists it needs to stay up till after New Years. We'll see who wins this one!

We've had some huge blessings lately.  Like I said the budget is getting a little pinched.  Our cabinets were looking a little empty.  I get a surprise text from Syd on Sunday asking if we want their food because their moving. I said, "Sure!"  Except I had no idea how ENORMOUSLY generous this was of her & Mitch till I got there & she had everything covering the counters & even in bags on the floor. She gave us SO much food. & gave me tons of clothes. I am SO excited!  We laughed about how I went on a shopping spree at her house.  I shop at Sydney's Club.  It was a MAJOR blessing. Then today, my coworker brought in an ENORMOUS bag of Activia yogurt.  She said it goes bad on the 31st & that her & her son can't eat it all before then (she bought the enormous crate at CostCo).  So, she brought them to us.  Our bellies are now full thanks to loving & thoughtful friends.  Wow, the Lord sends help in so many ways!  We could have bought groceries, but we would've been even tighter on the budget.  & out of nowhere came this outpouring of food.... Wow the generosity is so humbling!!

Time for me to pay back & do something nice for someone!  Time to ding-dong ditch some goodies, I think!

Also, we got my family's, Cate's & the Miller's Christmas card! I'm so excited! I loved them all! They're TAPED to our wall next to our bedroom door. hahah so ghetto, but I love them being out & seen on the wall instead of on the fridge!

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