Besides my Christmas faves, I have been slacking on sharing our LIFE updates.
Here's a less than short version of what's been going on!
Folksies, I have been slaving away crafting for a few weeks! :) HOWEVER, lots of Christmas presents....sooo I can't share them with you yet, but after Christmas I will be posting them all! & let me tell you, I am giddy w/ excitement...they're turning out GREAT!  This has been one of the best Christmas season! Last years Christmas break was the GREATEST, but we were in such a pinch we didn't really slow down to enjoy the entire season as much as we should have!  Pandora is always playing our Kenny G station. & let me tell you, that is one fine-tuned radio station, due to Weston doing a great job babysitting the thumbs up & down!  

Our Christmas Season looks like this: 

Dec. 22 after I get off work, head down to Bicknell, stay there till the Monday after Christmas, come back that night for my work the next day. & then head back down Thurs the 29nd & then stay until the night of the 2nd. It's going to be wonderful!  I love Christmas! I am so excited to spend it with the Brinkerhoffs. Yet, also so sad to miss my family this time of year. This is my first Christmas away from home. It might be really tough. But I sure love my family! 

BTW. Update, met with a different doctor on Friday who was WAY more helpful than the last family practitioner I saw who ordered the thyroid biopsy.  That guys was nice, but I felt like when he wasn't really listening or caring. This new guy was really nice. He actually showed concern for the fact that my lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen to varying sizes for the past year.  I am meeting with an ENT to discuss those. I'm not really too concerned, but it will be nice to find an answer to that weird symptom!  & then did more blood work for the weight gain. He thinks it may be a hormone imbalance. I'll explain more to you about it when I find out more! It's all kind of above my head! 

A little sob story, I left my headphones at the gym one of the times I went this week... & no one turned them into the lost & found! It's definitely not a BYU gym or else they'd still be plugged into the treadmill or in the lost & found! Wes has been letting me use his, though!

& thanks y'all for the great tips for removing my shoe tip...I haven't started on that project yet, but I will do my best to take pictures as I go for it & do a tutorial if it turns out successful! :D 

Pinterest is my anti-drug. Seriously I love that site. It's so inspiring, if you don't have an account, ask me & leave your e-mail, I will send you an invitation.  Most of my projects have been inspired from it. Where was pinterest when we were planning our wedding? BTW we've been married for a year & over a quarter now. Boy has the time flown! I cannot believe it!

We have also been all over the place with our career. Shh don't tell. We've been considering applying for the firefighting position at Colorado Springs. Weston wanted to start working & his degree is one of the few that he could do online. However the academy starts March 26. A month before the semester ends. Which would throw off his entire college career if he got the job, because he'd have to drop all his classes. & throw all that tuition & college credit away. Not to mention he's getting his EMT next semester!  He is so excited & I am so thrilled for him. Wes is loving school & doing SO well at it. School is not his area of expertise, but it is his full-time job. He is putting in so many hours. Friday night he did homework. Yesterday while I sewed. He studied & did homework. All day long. W/ exception of cleaning checks. From 11-11p he was doing homework. Talk about dedication.  He's amazing.  & he is so supportive of me, too. I couldn't ask for a more incredible husband who loves me whole heartedly. & unconditionally. & quite literally through the thick & thin. hahah 

Well, if you made it this far through all those words congrats, or more rightly, thank you for being so concerned & interested in our lives.  I sure love y'all & if you read my blog & I don't know about you, please let me know your name & your blog address, I love following new blogs & making new virtual friends bahah but seriously, I do! 



  1. I totally blog stalk you. I love to hear what/how you and Weston are doing! We do have a blog but it's mostly a swarm of I have the cutest baby pictures. If you guys think you can stomach that and want an invite let me know what your email is and I'll send you one

  2. I want to know what you made for Christmas, I won't tell, never mind I can't keep a secret. But I cannot wait to see what you made. You always have such cute ideas.


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