Things Ivy Eats

Something you don't want to hear.

"Yeah, you should probably give her a bottle. It'll help push the tape down."

My child ate a giant piece of packing tape.
Guys, I told you she will & DOES eat everything!!!

An unnamed good-intentioned dad taped up the light switch above the crib so a cute baby wouldn't turn on the light when she's going to bed & didn't realize she would pull the tape off and eat it. We found one piece of the tape and the other piece of tape is missing in guts.

Packing tape. Yum.


  1. This its so funny because my Wes did the exact same thing about two days ago. These kids!

  2. I am just so so glad that nothing bad came of it! Poor Ivy is none the worst for wear! Thank goodness! I guess God figured out that babies would get themselves into trouble and made their gut pretty dog gone hardy!


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