BBQ goods shopping at Kroger.
Ivy staring someone down.
Staring someone else down
Cute little bug.
Ivy is obsessed with shoes.
She made a break for it during breakfast to a favorite pair.
Well, that's weird.

Ivy & her little almost-birthday twin Emmett!
Weston loves matching.
Serious props go to him on this one. I dressed Ivy for church & he ran to & back from the closet with this tie on.
Who knew they had matching outfits all this time?

Uncle Spence surprised us all by popping into town!
Ivy loves her Uncle Spence. She is very intrigued by him!
We had a fun BBQ. Spencer equipped my parents' house with a cool new movie system.
Don't ask me how to describe it, though, because I didn't understand a thing he was talking about.
We taught a horrible Sunday school lesson. This week's was seriously a total fail. Dang it.
We watched a few movies & LOTS of Reba's. Hilarious show.
We played some games & we stayed up WAY too late.
It was so much fun. & Ivy is doing really well getting back into gear after being sick.

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  1. These pictures of Weston and Ivy are priceless! The backgrounds are even so plush and beautiful! Love the picture you take, Rachel! You are so talented! Love the subjects in your pictures, too! <3


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