Last week was fun.

Our new bedding that Weston got me over the past few months.
Oh, I love him!
(completely unrelated statements.)
Weston was out of town in Chattanooga taking his GRE exam. Which he rocked, but being the man he is, he wants to retake it to just keep improving his score. But I was happy about it!
My Uncle James was in town & so we all went to lunch.
& then Goodwill, as you always should.

Ivy getting rare time with Pop-pop!
She helped him pick out new shirts at Goodwill!
And even smacked & clawed his face to tell him she was done & ready to go.
She's such a lady.
I can't argue that she's not a clear communicator though.
Smile explosion at Gigi in the car!
Ivy loves sushi.
Seriously, though.
If you live near Franklin, TN, go to Sakura in Independence square for lunch. Sushi is half off.
I love that place.
Hoorah for supporting local businesses!
None of my pictures of this girl are clear anymore.
She is a constant blur of motion.
I love this busy bee!
I take that back, here's a mostly clear picture.

Snoozing in church, along with Caden, too, apparently!
Also, who's digging those thigh rolls?
A little zoo action on the back door.
Check her out trying to pinch & rip out Chase's eyelashes.
She always develops some painful tricks along with other cute ones.

I literally discovered the Matilda Cake.
I was on the hunt for THE perfect homemade chocolate cake.
Nailed it.
my mom made the cake, I  made the icing & constructed it.
We're all about distribution of labor around here.
My grandmother clearly turned 3 this week.

Sunday drive with my peeps.
Aka my baby & my baby daddy.
Happiness in a sedan.
BTW, the beauty of where I live is unbeatable.


  1. I have so many LOL moments reading your blog…SERIOUSLY!

  2. Well, that was a surprise seeing my silly face! That cake is to DIE for! Loved it so much! Really the best ever! Your blog is wonderful. I enjoy so much seeing this wonderful pictures and your sweethearts, Weston and Ivy! Don't forget to photogragh yourself. You will want to remember what you looked like way back when, too. Much love to you Rachel and Weston and a million kisses to that sweet baby girl, Ivy!


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