Poor Weston is near death.
I was sick a couple weeks ago & got Ivy sick & then Weston got sick.
I feel so bad for him. He grabs sleep & rest when he can, but is on the run 99.9% of the time during the week!
This morning Ivy got her smoothie all over her clothes. So she was naked for a bit. I usually keep her clothed because I feel too bad if she's a frozen little baby kabob!
But she's so cute naked!
Ivy & Weston had a little Return To Me moment yesterday. I love her.
I was feeding Ivy yogurt with her breakfast and along came Uncle Chase wanting to be part of the food line. I laughed so hard because she kept crossing her eyes to look at him. Hilarious.
Only because she absolutely melts my heart.
& I love that adorable cheeser grin!
Weston & I celebrated our anniversary Saturday night!
(Thanks Mom for watching the tot!)
We went to Outback & had amazing food. Gosh, I love that place.
I love her pot belly!
She's obsessed with stairs.

Always on the move.
My mini-me helper.
She is with me every second she's awake. I love my side-kick.
I love that she LOVES being out & about! Too bad she needs naps & too bad we only have 1 car. Otherwise we would be out  & about all day long!
& I love Target.
That's what we've been up to.
Oh, I also got new bedding.
Happy Anniversary to us!
I've been collecting the bedding pieces one at a time & finally it's complete & I'm loving it!

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  1. Your new bedding is beautiful! These are the sweetest pictures of Ivy! I really love them all! So sweet! Your blog is really sweet, too! You have such a great little family!


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