Family Time

Ivy is starting to feel better from that awful bug we both caught. She got a crazy high fever last week & since has just had a little cough & a really runny nose.
But she was finally able to squeeze out a smile on Friday & she wore non-pajamas for the first time in 4 days. In fact she wore the SAME pajamas for 4 days in a row.
I was really sick & lousy feeling & so Ivy entertained herself a lot & we stayed indoors pretty much the entire week.
We had a family lunch date at Firehouse Subs on Saturday.
She looks very serious here, but she had a really good time!
There was live music going on & Ivy was jamming out doing her dance moves.
We bought Ivy a new carseat! She still has atleast 15 pounds left in her infant carrier, but it just seemed so uncomfortable. So we got the Graco 4ever.
Ivy hates all carseats and being restrained in general. But, I'm pretty sure she hates this one less..
My grandmother gave Ivy some sweat pants that look like adult pairs & I think they're funnier than they probably are. They just make her look even shrimpier when she's climbing in them.
We tested out the carseat!
She squeaked out one smile for me!
& then did this the rest of the time.
But it's all installed & e removed the head pad because of her enormous peach head.
It didn't look like it fit anymore hahah
We took a family outing to the Bowie Nature center after Ivy's nap. We had a really good time even though it was so nasty muggy. 
Weston is busy as ever. Working a full-time job, a part-time job, 8 credit hours of science courses, studying for the GRE, a wife, & a baby.
He's a busy man, but I'm so blessed that he always squeezes in some family time in whatever way he can.

My mom watched Ivy so I could pick Weston up from work the other night & that was the only time I saw him the entire week last week!  He was gone from 7am until midnight or 1am.
He's a total rockstar & hasn't even made a peep about being tired or feeling spread thin.

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  1. Weston, you deserve a Gold Star! Rachel, you deserve one, too! It is hard to be without the one you love, to be without the helpmate you were meant to be to each other! Glad we can help substitute here and there. Cutest pictures of Ivy in her new seat! Love the happy one and the mad one contrasted. Hahah


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