4 Year Anniversary

4 years ago this happened.
 4 years ago I married the perfect guy for me.
 4 years ago I married the most doting & loving man that walks the earth.
 4 years ago I married a man who is such an encourager & supporter.
 4 years ago I jumped into an adventure that I wouldn't trade for the world.
 4 years ago we had really good weather on our wedding day.
4 years ago I became Mrs. Brinkerhoff.

I traded in my long last name for an even longer last name.
I can tell you folks, he & I make a pretty good team.
I mean, I'm definitely not the perfect wife, but I think I hit the marker at good wife...hopefully.

Weston is the most caring man. He may come with a side of cheese, but man there is so much sentiment & sweetness to him, that I'd take a whole nother side of cheese to go with it if I had to.  Weston is a hard worker & I know will be a great provider for our family.  He has already worked some not so glamorous jobs to make sure we always had food on our table.  I know he'll do that till the day we die. I appreciate that about him. I love that his focus is Ivy & me. I love him as a dad even more than I loved him as my husband. He  is the best baby daddy around. Ivy & all our future chi'llins are spoiled rotten to get him for their old man.

I love that I married a manly man who loves his outdoors stuff.

I have loved the past 4 years & am excited for the bajillion ahead of us!

Happy 4 years to you & me, Wes!
I love you!


  1. Golly, this left a big lump in my throat! So special! You two are meant for each other and compliment each other so wonderfully well! You are great parents and so loving to the people around you. Wish you never had to leave us but I know that day will come. Which will make me, sad, sad, sad! Love you guys and Happy Anniversary! (Well, it's still September! haha)


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