A bag of tricks.

So the first week Ivy turned 10 months she said her first word.
My heart seriously just exploded!
It was so sweet & I was seriously caught off guard!
We were leaving the house for a walk and my mom's dog ran up to us & she said "Dog! Dog!" It sounds more like "Daw! Daw!"
But still, she totally has a name for the dog and oh my gosh. I'm really proud of her!

She also says da-da for Weston.
And she says Papa for my dad.
Crazy cool stuff.
I always wondered how babies learn stuff and I worry because I don't practice words with her or anything, but apparently they pick up on that stuff on their own? Or at least she did despite her mom's lack of word teaching!

It's just really neat to watch Ivy grow & learn.
She is so fun & has the spunkiest personality.
She has her thoughts written straight across her face all the time & is really chatty.
Those Chewy bar commercials are going to be my life soon, I'm pretty sure.

I seriously LOL at Ivy every day.
One day I was feeding her goldfish out of a little tupperware.
She ate the snacks from the tupperware and the bag was totally empty, but she kept looking behind my back for the bag, so she crawled over to the bag picked it up, looked inside it, and then looked at the outside & tried picking the little gold fish off of the packaging label. It took me ten minutes before I was done laughing. After she couldn't pluck them off of the package she handed me the bag and motioned for "more." Oh my gosh. I laughed so hard over the whole thing.
This is how Weston & I eat dinner together. Except it's a lie, because I hardly ever facetime with him over dinner, but still, I miss eating dinner together! (Except, I can eat cereal for dinner guilt free now!)
Ivy also likes to take her clothes off.
HELP! I am so in trouble.
Blowing kisses.
Even the coldest person should smile over that.
It's too sweet.

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