We're alive, I promise.

I haven't blogged in almost 2 months! Whoops!

It has been a good & action packed 2 months!

Ivy & I were both sick at the beginning of October & then we went to visit Weston's family in Utah! His parents got our Christmas gifts early & bought us tickets to come visit! It was an interesting trip! Ivy was exhausted & stressed out the entire time! Oh & she was stressed out unless she was in my arms through the whole flights, etc.
It was exhausting, but really good to see Weston's family!

I took on a project from a lady in town to sew some awesome pregnancy support bands! It was awesome & my serger and sewing machine both acted like doing that was going to kill them. It was a good experience, though!

Other than that we have been having a really fun time as a family of three! Ivy is hilarious and keeps us on our toes! She started walking & walks around like a little Frankenstein and it's absolutely adorable. She is very happy to show you where her nose and belly button are. She also loves to rub her hair. She says "Uh-oh" after violently throwing something onto the ground. She loves to steal the show at church and sing over the choir and loudly, proudly sing during the hymns. That's one of my favorite things! I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Most of my family will be here, except my very pregnant sister & brother in law! I am so excited for my nephew to get here sometime between now an December 15th!  

Ivy's first birthday is next week & we're having a little family birthday party to celebrate! I'm having fun making little party decorations & things for it! We are actually planning on doing Christmas cards this year, too, so I'm starting to work on those. & just getting done a lot of things that have been monkeys on my back!

I got 3 ornaments finalized from family events over the past year.
I completed a family year book & sent it to the printer.
I have filled in and gotten up to date Ivy's baby book.

Basically, things like that that I have been behind on!

It feels so very good! It's exciting & life is all so very good!

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