We played MTSU, which is a complete NO NAME football team around these parts. But we couldn't miss the opportunity to go watch our cougs kick booty...and have way too close of a game. 
 We had a tailgate before the game of a delicious bbq sandwich!
 We also were bundled up like it was 0 degrees, because it was atleast 35 or so. Cold.
 Ivy LOVED the whole thing. Even though she was a little ice cube the whole time.
 She tried some lemonade and loved it.
We're working on the concept of how to drink from a cup. She thinks her tongue needs to be involved.
 Seriously, though, she was really happy and cheered & danced the first 3 quarters of the game!

 We had so much fun!

 Doing her usual dental work on Daddy.

 That night Ivy slept really REALLY hard.
I think she dreamt of being hog-tied.

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