Life is GOOD.

Never take a hungry baby shopping. She kept licking her lips and lifting the bananas and signing "more."
And then I looked down and she was folded in half and sucking on the grape crate.
Poor poor hungry child.
 She had to lick the screw of the air filter vent just to see what it was like.
 Sharing her doll with Nana.
 This child is always so comfy when she sleeps.
 This child loves climbing the stairs and is lightening fast at sneaking up them.
 This tiny partner in crime of mine LOVES our mommy-daughter dates to Target just as much as I do.
Both our hearts sing! I get to window shop & she gets to take in all the fun things around her.

 This step has hardly any room & she loves climbing up onto it. I love this tot.
 My mom kept telling me I needed to get a picture of her little hands signing "more."
Here's one. It absolutely kills me. I love this little girl & her tiny signing hands.

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