One Year!

Our Ivy girl turned 1 year on the 21st and what an AWESOME day it was!

We had a lot of fun at our family birthday party!

Ivy is the sweetest baby and we are so blessed to have her.

Here's some pictures from our celebration!
That morning we started with pancakes for breakfast!

We went out on the town to run birthday errands!
Weston even took work off so he could be home for her party that afternoon!

She loves Nana & Poppop!

Coming down from her afternoon nap to a party!
A little unsure about everything!
The amazing birthday banner my mom made!

She was sick & a little wiped out, but she was still completely happy, which I was glad about! 
No tears were shed on her birthday!
She wore her party hat the entire night!

She was not even interested in her cupcake! Huh?

These are the cupcakes I made for everyone else.
Not the prettiest, but oh my gosh, they were delicious.
"Dad, seriously, please put me down, I have presents to open!"
Making a break for her gifts again!

Her & all her gifts!
We got her a lot of books!
Nana & Pop Pop got her a baby doll (The MVP) and clothes!
Gigi got her cute clothes, a couple books, & a little ball toy!
Her Grandma & Grandpa Brinkerhoff got her a ride-on zebra toy that she also loves
and my friend Gretchen got her an amazing Little People princess cottage.

She looks all shy...but she loves attention... She was a little shy about all the gifts and standing by herself in the center of the room!

Here's the party hat I made her!
Her strawberry cupcake from Ivey Cakes.
I love that place.
With a gold glittery 1 made by Nana!
The gift pile!
She got a lot of generous gifts!

Her cute headwrap from Jenna!

We had such a fun day & she definitely did, too!
She wants to have a birthday party every day!

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