Birthday Pre-Show

Really mom? This is embarrassing.
She was staring down a lady who was oohing and ahhing over her.
We're working on manners. HA!
 We took Ivy birthday shopping with us for her birthday.
Call us bad parents, but I did not want to buy this child something she was not going to play with.
SO, we tested out the toys by sticking them on her lap.
We bought two of them she was totally in love with.
We actually did not end up getting the thing pictured in the cart here.
I parked the cart at the end of the toy aisle while we talked over which ones to get. When I turned back around at Ivy, she was on her feet standing backward in the cart drooling over all the toys on the shelves.
 While we were price-matching at customer service Ivy waved at everyone leaving the store. She made so many people laugh. I was laughing so hard over her. She waves at EVERYONE everywhere we go. Ivy's extremely social!

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