Just another week!

This is how Ivy crawls. Two hands, one knee, and one foot.
We go for functional, not conventional, around here.
Ivy will crawl but if anyone is giving her attention she begs to walk. Grandpa is a sucker and when he's in town on the weekends spends it walking around with Ivy like this! She is so happy and that little tongue is sticking out as usual!
Ivy is enthralled with her toes. She climbs up everything and when she does she sticks her bum out and stares at her toes. Cutest thing ever.
This is what greets me after every nap and in the morning. Sweet and happy child. She has so much personality.
Happy as a clam when she's found something I'll let her climb up aka not a rock wall or something above a lava pit.
The tech guy was explaining something to Weston & Ivy stared at the man the entire time. I tried so hard not to laugh because she gave him some hilarious looks. I love watching her watch people. She is such a curious little person and has absolutely no social tact. She shamelessly stares at everyone.

Happy Sunday afternoon playtime on our bed while Weston napped after his meetings! 
I love that she entertains herself! Unless I'm in the room, then she wants me to walk her around everywhere!
She is always on the move!
Cheerios for lunch... Again! Hahah poor child.
I was working on the computer and I heads the pitter pat of her tripod crawl and when I glanced over she had crawled around all the furniture to play with the stroller wheel when the stroller was inside the house. 
To shake up lunchtime Ivy had a picnic in the family room. Really I was just shaking it up for myself..
Ivy bouncing in her minion hat Uncle Spence brought back for her from Mexico!
I got Ivy these bath toys to help incentivize her to stay seated in the tub. If she survives babyhood without bashing her face on the tile shower floor it will be a miracle! And yes, we ghetto-liciously bathe our baby in a plastic bin.
And YES there is a binkie in her mouth. If the binkie isn't in her mouth, something else is getting shoved in her mouth.
She particularly loves hairs and fuzz balls. Today at a friends house I pulled the nastiest hair and carpet fuzz from her mouth and then tonight I was picking her up after she was playing on the floor and noticed she was sucking on something so I stuck my finger in her mouth to go fishing. OH MY GOSH. It took everything for me to not throw up. It was the biggest clump of hairs that I have NO idea where they're from. Literally had to have come on someone's shoe from a bathroom floor somewhere because it was long black hairs all matter together. No one in my family has black hair. Even writing about it, I'm trying not to throw up. It was so gross. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. And she notices everything. This girl notices the tiniest specks on the floor.
Nice whale placement Ivers.
This girl knows how to go on a walk. She kicks her feet up at any opportunity. High chair, stroller, car seat, etc.
I was doing laundry & heard a sucking sound. I looked over and Ivy was sucking on her toes with her other toes in the air. It was so sweet. And then I realized she needed dinner.

I lover her.

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