Life Lately

Please don't hate me.
99% of my pictures are really pixely or blurry.
Partly due to an iphone camera that has decided to stop doing its best and partly due to Ivy absolutely doesn't sit still for anything.
 Ivy has never been a cuddler...but the new stage of won't sit still on my lap makes me realize that her sitting on my lap playing with a toy was cuddly. HA
This child wouldn't sit still if her life depended on it.
 She climbs on EVERYTHING.
In this picture she had been all over the bed. Next thing I knew she had climbed up onto her knees & was pinching Weston's ear. She had him pinned to the bed in half a second. She can pinch like you wouldn't believe. OW.
 I just thought this was cute. This was right before she was going to bed & she was laying there staring out the window at the trees blowing in the wind. She did that for about 5 seconds.
It was really sweet.
 She loves playing with measuring cups.
Water bottles have always been a big hit, too.
& cups.
& bowls.
& spoons.
& coasters.
& pretty much anything else not intended as a toy. 
 This was so sweet I couldn't stand not to take a picture.
We got back from our workout & Ivy had totally pooped out.
She NEVER sleeps unless it is pitch black & she is in her crib with her soft tiny blanket under her face.
My heart melted onto the garage floor.
 This weekend I wasn't feeling well & Weston took the reigns & took care of Ivy 100%.
He is truly spectacular.
& there is something in Weston's voice that mesmorizes Ivy to sit still while he reads to her.
I read to her too & she does not respond the same way to me reading her books.
Completely sweet.
(This book is an exception, though, she absolutely dies over this book my mom gave her. She LOVES animals & loves this book so much. She will sit still for me to read it to her, while she's petting/attacking the animals.)


  1. Ivy is so cute! I love all of the pictures!

  2. Love that Ivers and miss you guys. You should come to Tucson, but not in August because you would hate your life.

    1. I want to come. I miss you so much! Keep little boy blue growing big & maybe I can come see him sometime when he's so fresh and so clean, clean new.


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