First goose egg & other things that will bore you!

Someone got her first goose egg today! She's a tough cookie and only cried for like 45 seconds, but I felt so bad. She is climbing all over everything but teeters around a lot. I like to let her explore everything on her own & as long as she won't get seriously hurt I let her fall so she doesn't get freaked out by it. This time I was a little too trusting in her balancing skills & she fell & hit her head.
I'm not even sure what's going on here. Except I'm assuming she's making a really pitched sound that I'm laughing really hard over.
Ivy, that's weird.
After her nap I went in to get her & she was playing with the lightswitch. When she turned around the tie of her shirt was in her mouth & I about lost it. SO FUNNY.
She sucked & chewed on that thing until I got her locked into her high chair for some grub.
Dude, there's something on your face.
Cheerio box photobomb.

Always gotta document some more hair growth.
She's going to have hair one day!
Mean muggin on my shoulders.
She can catch a single hair blowing in high winds in her little pincers.
Another muggy walk out in the summer heat!
She seriously still loves the dog.

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