Family Reunion 2014

I was excited & also nervous to go on vacation without Weston!
Of course my mom & grandmother were there & huge helps!

My family has been going to the Hibiscus for 30 years for family reunions.
It was so awesome to be able to go this year, since I missed all the reunions while I lived in Utah for college.
My mom & grandmother were so generous and let me come with them & stay with them in their condo! They made it possible for Ivy and me to go!

The day we were leaving I held Ivy off on her nap and she was REALLY crabby....so I finally just put her in the laundry basket & you woulda thought she won a million bucks. For some reason playing with the same mascara tube, hair clip, and cell phone case she had been & crying about 5 minutes before were so much better in the laundry basket.
This is how we nap on roadtrips...
Lunch Pit Stop!
We got desperate for toys. There's that cell phone case again. It came on the road trip.
My pillow for the drive...
We were both really excited to get there!
Have I mentioned how amazing this high chair is? We bring it everywhere.
This is an action shot of her talking.
Sometimes she likes to talk like the Italian Mafia leader.
It is so funny.

Ivy ate SO much sand.
That stuff takes apprx a week to digest.
Don't ask me how I know that.
While the baby sleeps we play games!

Ivy seriously LOVES all forms of water.
She squealed with excitement in the ocean even with waves crashing on us.
She kicks like crazy in the swimming pool & gets just as excited in the bath.
She woke up at 6 every morning, because, guess what, that's when the sun was alive & strong in Florida...she was enjoying the early hours a little more than me.
She loved climbing up the coffee table! Little monkey!
We got this before our first trip to Florida & I have to give 400 thumbs up to this amazing invention.
I love this floaty. So many awesome things about this floaty.
Never thought I'd be so excited over a good pool floaty.
Grandmother & my Great-Great Uncle George!
It was an awesome Family Reunion with about 60+ of us there, I think?
It was so good seeing so many after so many years!
Ivy LOVED playing with the other Uncle George. Uncle George Jr ;)
The mirror table was really intriguing.
This picture also perfectly displays her brown fringe. hahahah
She was born with brown(ish) hair and its all growing out & so now she has a tuft of brown on the top front of her head and the back bottom.
She's starting the backwards ombre trend.

Ivy is a little obsessed with my mom. Seriously.
She might be her favorite person on the planet.
Except for me when it's time to eat.
She LOVES sitting in chairs by herself.
It's a whole new level of excitement.
Ivy loved all the attention she got from all her cute cousins!
Our last night we ate at the most amazing shrimp shack.
The crowds loved watching Ivy.
One man offered to pay for Ivy's food because she's so cute!
hahah so nice.
Too bad she didn't eat some of my shrimp! Could've been a free meal ha!
Despite her expression, Ivy loves kisses! Especially from Gigi!
Ivy was so good the whole time! Played with spoons for good 10 minutes at a time before throwing them on the floor!
People watching.
She was not very subtle arching her back to see around waiters to see the people she's staring at.
I'm working on teaching tact. ha
She looks blazed, but she was really just eating all the sand off her hand. Yum.

She loves this game & likes to do this for a good amount of time, which was nice, because we had a 40 minute wait in the heat!
We had such a good time with all of our cousins & aunts & uncles & as always I have about 5,000 pictures of Ivy from that trip.
I was nervous Ivy would get stressed out with all the new faces, but she did really well with all the new people.


  1. Where did you get that high chair?? What a fabulous invention!

    1. Becca we got the high chair from Cabela's because Weston had a giftcard, but they sell for the same price on Amazon! It's a Ciao Baby high chair. Honestly, we use that thing for absolutely anything you can think of. It goes camping, picnicing, family reunioning, barbecuing, etc etc etc with us!


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