Independence Day

We had such a fun Fourth of July!
It was the first one Weston & I have spent together.
He has either been doing clinical rotations for his paramedic program or the other years he spent in the mountains fighting wild-fires.
This year we have spent more holidays together than we have in the three years before of our marriage & it has been completely amazing.

Ivy was a completely happy girl!
 She now won't keep her shades on her eyes, so this is the only picture with these babies from that day!

 She LOVED the festival!
 We were so happy to have indoor bathrooms at City Hall!
Thank you for not making us use port-a-potties!

 We were so wiped at the end!
It was REALLY hot!
 Ivy felt kind of abandoned...
 Where we live is a landmark for the bloodiest battle in the civil war. The Battle of Franklin is a pretty big deal. In the center of main street there is a round about with a monument for the battle.
Ivy liked sitting on the cannon.

 We finished off our evening at the Sherwoods having a great time with friends!
Ivy loved it & actually slept up in Syd & Mitch's room!
Sydney was the greatest hostess and everything was so beautiful!
Of course I didn't get any pictures of the barbecue, but tons of my baby...so typical.

We did sparklers while watching the Franklin fireworks over the hill!
Their house is so cool and the back opens up to a hill so we had an awesome view!

We pretended like we're fire responsible & didn't burn down their house even though we went through 1,000,300 sparklers

Not pictured: Jenna & Garrett & Mitch who were also there!

It was so much fun! & our hubbies were so patient & did their own thing while Syd & I browsed through all our old embarrassing pictures & videos from college. Seriously, guys...we had so much fun. Syd made my college experience the best It could have ever been. I love that girl. & I love that we live 30 minutes apart. Ah, life is so good.

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