My 25th birthday

This pretty much describes my entire birthday! Ha! 
We were SOOO tired from the day before! We were all up early & had stayed up late partying & seriously spent 90% of my birthday lounging & it was relaxing and nice :)

Weston was so sweet and got me a gift card to Anthropologie!
My parents got me a baby bike seat! & a helmet for Ivy's noggin!!! I'm so excited to use it! Weston & I don't have bikes, so we're going to fix up & borrow my parent's bike!
They also got me some cute sweaters & a shirt!
My grandmother took Weston & I to lunch & got us a family favorite, candied apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!
She also gave me some birthday money, which I used to buy a beach chair for my family reunion!
My in-laws gave me such a generous gift too and gave me gift cards to a store called Charming Charlie!
My sweet, thoughtful brother, Spence, got me an iphone camera lens!
My also sweet and thoughtful brother Chaser got me a movie!

Such generous family members! & lots of fun new gifts!

We had planned to not really celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday because my mom was so sad to be out of town for it and asked us to wait! So we did cake (peach cobbler, we have the best familily recipe) & ice cream & the presents opening on Sunday the next day!

Weston is so sweet & works so hard for our family & I am so grateful for him & I know Ivy will appreciate his love & dedication & loyalty to our family.
I love my family! They make everything so much more fun!

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