Nothing quite like work being slammed.
Just kidding it's so slow I feel like I could just die in my chair.
 Between fishing on Saturday & taking my sister-in-law's engagement pictures yesterday...
I was a human sacrifice to mosquitoes.
"Come little bugs, suck my blood! Yes, through my spandex & my t-shirt please!"
 I'm known as the drinker around work.
Not really, but everytime I get a refill I get either looks from patients or comments from coworkers.
What, you've never seen a person who loves to drink a lot of water?
 My face was super swollen, but we had a great time at my cousin's reception on Friday!
Congrats Jenny & Adam!
 These are my mom's puppies.
Bella is my baby. She's on the right.
I love that dog so much.
Weston sent me this picture from his fire station.
He is gross & hearts Mountain Dew.
I mean, before I moved to Utah, I didn't even know people drank that stuff?
Well, this picture should describe to you, Weston's deep love for Mtn Dew.

I love him, though!
That guy is being worked like a horse. He's averaging around 100 hrs/week of hours on ambulances, in fire departments, in ERs, ORs, Labor & Delivery Floors, etc, etc.
And he's taking 6 credits of classes online on top of all of that, too.

& I thought I'd see him more this summer than when he's fighting wildfires.
Anyways, life is very good & our baby continues to grow....probably at a little bit of a slower pace than me, but steadily all the same!
Also, my sister gets married in 18 days & I'm so excited!


  1. Can't wait to see the engagement pics! And you and Weston look great! Can't wait until he has a down summer and you guys can actually have fun... not sure that'll ever happen though! :)

  2. Golly, you two are so busy now! Hope you can keep your chin above water! At least a break very, very soon in Mesa! Yay!


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