4 month bump

Remember that post below?
Please don't give this picture to news crews if I go to prison for hacking into a Police Department's internet.
Also, this is in the bathroom at work.
I should be completely embarrassed to post this, except I'm not at all. Judge away, judgers! 
When your husband doesn't live at home you take mirror selfies at work. That must've been what happened to hacker dude, too.
I posted this for all of you that are anxious to see pregnant pictures. When I see someone's pregnant via social media I want to see belly bump updates!

 I don't feel small, but I don't feel huge. So, there you have it, me 4 months pregnant! & none of my clothes fit! Is that normal or did I grow too fast?
I gained a lot of weight at first, but haven't gained any for about 8 weeks. Hallelujah, I was getting really scared for a while that I was going to be a beached whale by 5 months.

Thanks to my mom & dad (let's be honest, my mom picked out all the clothes), 
my maternity wardrobe is getting a boost.
Thank you, Mom!


  1. You look sooo good rachel! Can't wait to see that belly grow even more :)

  2. YAY!!! Absolutely darling and beautiful as usual!!! Love you!

  3. Cute little belly! And you look amazing! So I just found out the news...yeah I'm a little behind in everything. I'm so so happy for you and Weston! You will be an amazing mom! Yaay for little baby Brinkerhoff!

  4. Golly, I realize how many of these I have read but not actually commented on them. I use to be better about that. Now all I want to do is read your fun news and see your fun pictures. I promise to do better, Rach!


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