First item of business. The yummiest chicken sandwich of my life.

My dentist gave me 2 movie ticket vouchers and a $15 gift card to Smashburger.
Thank you, dentist!

Anyways, last weekend we finally got around to using those movie tickets & we saw Star Trek. It was amazing.
This week Weston & I took a few minutes to take a break after I got off work & he finished class & before he hit the library for the night.
We used our Smashburger card.
I got the avocado chicken burger.
UHM it was amazing.
Weston got a spicier beef alternative & loved it as well!
Our tummies were very happy with that meal! Best of all? Our total was $15.08
Just because I don't think my last picture showed my baby bump very well & I think it hid the actual bump because it didn't look like a bump to anyone, here's a new one. This dress is more fitted & shows it better.
4 months, baby!
We have the possibility of finding out the gender on Thursday.
To say I'm freaking out is an understatement. I'm so excited, I can't even stand it!


  1. Ahhh!!! I can actually see the bump! So cute!

  2. Such a cute bump. I'm so excited for you guys to find out the sex of the baby.

  3. 4 months already?? I can not believe it! I feel like you just told me about it! Enjoy every moment. I miss being pregnant and feeling the little rug rat move inside me.

  4. Love the little bump, who turns out to have a girlish figure bump! Soon I will get to see you and Little Pink in person! So looking forward to seeing you, Rachel Dear! Are you going to come, too, Weston?

    I absolutely loved the Smashburger place in Sacramento. Sad they don't have one here! But there is one in Louisville! Still, you can't afford to eat in that place often. They had a special burger there with bre cheese on it and special tomatoes that had been soaked in a special sauce. Can you tell I thought it was SPECIAL! LOL Now this is making me hungry for a good hamburger! Backyard burger?


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