Currently Annie is playing on our lobby TV. I'm in heaven.

Seriously, singing these songs brings me pure joy. I still haven't convinced Weston to watch my Walmart $5 copy of it yet. He's never seen it. Hmph.

Plus, my poor coworkers, the daddy Warbucks' song is currently on. I'm scaring them all.

Introducing the magical scarf:

This is part of my uniform.
By uniform, I mean, one of my every-other-day-at-work outfit I wear.
Yesterday I probably got 10 compliments on it between coworkers & other wal-mart shoppers.
 Thanks for the boost everyone!

In other news, last night consisted of this:
The IV that I didn't think was necessary that I got to wear since 11p.m.
I was glad they took blood from it, otherwise that sucker was for nothing.
He was grumpy gills most of the time
He was concerned...but mostly tired hahah I felt SO bad & tried to convince him to go home to get sleep, but he wouldn't. The poor guy has so much to do today, too. We have an OB office visit & then he has 2 exams to take and about 3 math assignments.This kid can't catch a break. But he will in December. He just has to keep owning school till December!

We were really tired.
I had some weird symptoms around 10ish & finally called my OBs office just wondering if it's something to be concerned about. The nurse thought it could be a blood clot relativity & that she thought I needed to be checked out right away. I hadn't called Weston at this point, because he tends to be a worry wart. But I decided it was probably a good route to go since the nurse thought I should go in. Weston was nearing the end of a 12 hr L&D shift at the hospital. He had a REALLY great time working in Labor & Delivery. He was very surprised he enjoyed it as much has he did.

Anyways, since urgent cares were already closed I headed over to the hospital & he met me down at the ER. Convenient that he was already there.

Well they got us in right away & told us they'd take us back as soon as they could.... then ambulance after ambulance came. Oh my goodness. We were SO tired. Weston had been working hard all day & I had been up since 6a.m., worked a full day, then went & did wedding errands w/ my in-laws for my sister-in-law that's getting married in August. I got home & at dinner & cleaned up a bit, then went grocery shopping. To say I was fully beat was an understatement.

We were in the ER till about 3:30 then headed home.

'why am I still here?'
Slash, Weston was sleeping in his chair and I was just sitting on the gurney looking around the room waiting to get released!

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  1. Glad all is well! Hate it that you have to be so tortured though with no sleep. Poor Weston! You on the other hand looked like you had had a day at the beach and was just stopping in for a chat! Love the pictures. So fun to see your pretty faces whether tired or not!


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