But seriously

After coming to peace that this pregnancy will have more challenges than I anticipated. When Weston & I both got home last night we were able to calm our logistical fears.  Once I found out our little girl is alright, I had a huge sense of peace.

My next fears came along with missing my sister's wedding. I will be devastating if that was the outcome. I have prayed for peace with the Lord's will as well as following the doctors orders. My girl is worth any sacrifice. But just let it be known I will be competitive for most depressed person on the planet for a bit if I miss her wedding.  I also had a lot of fears about the logistical nightmare bed-rest would be.  I am the bread-winner. I am our source of income, our source of food, I am our source of insurance.  My measly paying job has offered us security that I have been thankful for for 5 years now.  

I have no idea what we will do logistically, but somehow everything will work out, I'm sure of it.

I had a restless night & have since had a peace that the Lord will bless us in unforeseen ways.  I am just nervous at the amount of sacrifice we will need to take. Please keep us in your prayers. If I get put on bed-rest this will be my last post for a VERY long time..since I don't have internet at home.

Just know that I am so grateful for our little girl & so excited that she was doing well. She waved at us in the ultrasound yesterday. Ah, she's so sweet already! I cannot wait to hold her & kiss her little cheeks and every one of her 10 fingers & toes.  She's so little & perfect.  I'm not sure w hy any of this has happened, but I know that with these challenges I will never EVER wish that I would trade in a normal lifestyle of non-pregnancy than an extremely intense pregnancy.  I am so so so excited for this baby. I also have an incredibly supportive family. I couldn't ask for more!

Sorry for the melancholy* going on up in hurrr.
*must be said in Mega-Mind fashion

Also, sidenote. sweet Weston surprised me by coming home from the library early & got a pizza! He cooked it in the oven & right as soon as it reached "perfection" he was pulling it out of the oven & it face planted on the bottom of the oven. That poor guy was devastated.
I just giggled & felt bad for him, knowing what that's like to want to surprise & do something really sweet & special for someone & then burn the entire birthday cake.
or dropping the pizza face down in the oven.

It was cute, but we scraped some of it up & smeared it over the top & then covered the all sauce parts w/ cheese from home. We had a little bit of the pizza & a whole lot of chat & it was a perfect night.

Not to mention I made it a point to go to target last night, just in case I can't go for the next 4 months.

Love you all!

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