Feeling Nostalgic

This weekend I pulled out the home videos DVD my mom made all of us kids.
She is incredible & transferred all of our VHS home videos to DVD. This took her a whole year.
My parents were VERY good at documenting our childhood, seriously.
We have photo albums FULL of pictures, scrapbooks of years 1-15 of my life & home videos from everything!
This DVD is called "The Hits: 88-93"
These are some of the funniest videos. My mom accumulated clips from home videos that we replay over and over. Here are a few clips from them
(Please ignore the terrible sound/picture quality of the videos I have posted. They are recordings from my cell phone of our TV)
This is from the pond by our house in Florida. We went to this park all the time.
I was duck spotting. Obviously, I'm really good at it.

Here we were making get well cards for my dad's dad, Grandpa Dean, in Idaho who was ill at the time.
at one point in this video I said "If he dies, he'll go to heaven!" No one said anything... "Right dad? He'll go to heaven if he dies." "Yep, that's right!"
My poor dad.  I made an awkward situation at 4.
In this clip my mom was adding dots to my heart & had been saying over & over.
"Oh, I just love doing that so much. I just love that so much. I love doing that."
This clip I say "I just love doing that. You make me SO happy, mom."

This video always makes me cry, because of the emotion & passion in my voice. I love that clip so much, because I still feel the same way. I have the greatest mom. She is just so wonderful in so many ways!
This is Danielle at 6 months, I just added this video, because she was the most beautiful baby! Look at those beautiful dark eyes & lashes! Ah!
Plus this baby gets married on Friday!
I love the fat no-neck! TOOO cute!
In this one Danielle is doing what she did ever since babyhood. My hair & clothes advice.
We have a home video of us in our night gowns & we're decorating the Christmas tree.
I put on the Snoopy stockings as shoes and kept walking around showing everyone my boots.
Then Danielle says, "They don't match, Rachel"
& I responded, "I know!"
Here she is giving me a nice do.
I am really appreciating the headscratch.
In this video I'm owning the rocking horse. I was just over a year old. So advanced.
Watching these home videos makes me so nostalgic. 
Watching these reminds me of how fast time is flying by. How sweet my parents were to their little babies. How those babies in the video are getting married & having babies.
I also miss my sister a lot. We could watch the same home videos for days on end & love every second. Picking up something new & hilarious every time.
One of my favorite things I caught this past time is all the hilarious behind the camera talk the adults are having. Their observations of us are the best.

It makes me miss my family so bad. I haven't seen them in 7 months. I miss them terribly! I am sad to be leaving Weston's family behind, but I have missed my family so bad. I cannot wait to live close to them again when we move to TN in December. My heart is aching for that.
My mom & I are best friends. So are my dad & I. They are my greatest cheerleaders. My advocates always & they are so emotionally supportive of any endeavor Weston & I venture out on. I could not have asked for greater or more supportive parents. I love them.
And I miss having midnight chats with my mom face to face.
Our relationship has not become shallower at all while I've been living in Utah, it's gotten stronger & stronger. Thank goodness we live in the technology age. Phones make relationships able to grow from across the country. It is awesome.
I just miss my family a lot.

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