Hairy Deals

I need serious help!

I'm pregnant & just starting to be able to get in the hang of "not throwing up all the time & it's wonderful.

My acne-ridden past 4 month face is STARTING to clear up!
Hallellujah, it's so nice to not have a new China-sized friend appearing on my face every 2 days.

One thing that I have not been blessed with this pregnancy is that covetous pregnancy hair!
I have heard for years about the AMAZING hair you get when you're pregnant!
Oh boy, I was excited for that!

Except my hair is shine-less, life-less, & volume-less.

I've complained to Weston "I don't know what my deal is! I'm doing it the same exact way I've always done it yet it's flat, stringy & nasty?

I was telling my coworkers about my issue the other day. They all thought it was weird & said "Oh man, my daughter had the most amazing hair when she was pregnant!"

I was starting to think something was wrong, maybe it's the fact that I don't take pre-natals?
Maybe it was the fact that I've been sick & maybe haven't been getting the right nutrients?

Then it came. My favorite e-mail of all time.
My multi-weekly e-mail from "Whattoexpect.com"
"Having a bad hair day?"
It then goes on to explain that lackluster, limp hair is just as common in pregnancy as the full, shiney, beautiful heads of hair! 
Seriously, though, I'm so happy to have something to blame it on. Other than the fact that my roots have outgrown 6 months & I look like a WT queen.
I'm getting my hair done this Friday & cannot wait! But until I've had this baby & go back to my amazing head of hair I've always had, any suggestions would help!
Please give cheap suggestions, because currently milk is almost too pricey for us :)


  1. so i didn't notice my hair getting thicker, but it totally did. don't be too jealous, though, because 9 months later i am still shedding like a dog!!! it is so annoying!

  2. I never had my hair get thicker during pregnancy. Thank the good Lord above! It was/is too thick already! Sorry you got the opposite of what you wished for, Rachel! But think of the little bundle coming to your house just before Christmas!


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