A girl is on the way!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This is how our baby was chilling yesterday. Hello, darling....
My boss was thrilled though. She's a yoga instructor & apparently our girl is doing a yoga stretch.
This also happens to be a stretch Weston does at night....

Also, her head looks huge. Good glory, help me. 
But the tech said that her body is bigger than it looks, just that she's all curled up!
Also, just like the entire pregnancy she continues to measure ahead of the estimated due date.
A week ahead! Either she's advanced or she's a Valentine's baby!

In case you have not caught it, our baby is a GIRL! 

Looks like sugar & spice & everything nice at our house!

I cannot wait!

I wanted a girl SO bad. Now that I'm getting my daughter we can have as many sons as a man could want, but I just needed my little girl!

Weston is SO excited, too. He cannot wait to meet his baby girl! I cannot wait either. Seriously, I daydream about him being a dad. Do not tell him I told you, because he likes to act tough, but he is not. He is a total softy.

EVERYONE in my family has girls first. Dad's side, Mom's side. It is just the way we do.
Love it. Love it, love it.

I told the tech when we were going in that if we did not find out that I was going to go into a deep depression for 3 weeks until our next ultrasound...
She made a big gulp. Pressure's on, girlfriend.

She put the wand on my stomach & said. "Oh man, she's totally curled up in a ball, this is the worst possible position she could be in."
She started poking me, I laid on my side, this girl was NOT moving inside of me!
I have been feeling her moving around like crazy for the past couple weeks.
That little tease!
So, Weston decided she was napping.
Except she'd move her arm or her foot & her feet moved from right next to her head to up in the air like the picture above! Ah, she may have been difficult but the tech worked her magic & found out it's a little girl we're expecting! No judging if we later find out she's a he or something. hahahah It was not the most ideal photo conditions.
However she has the sweetest little face & hands & feet. The tech took pictures of them all, she was so nice to us. Somewhere between celebrating all the way through the hospital, out through the parking garage, & to our car, I dropped one of the pictures. I'm not sure which picture it was, but I am still sad about it. 
RIP picture of our baby.

But we have about 10 others. Our fridge is plastered w/ lots of different ultrasound pictures of our little girl.

K, now getting serious.
You know what's crazy? As we were trying to get pregnant I just felt like there was a little someone just waiting in heaven to join our family & I knew it was a little girl. I felt it so strong & I'd cry to Weston about it.

I was frustrated that she was supposed to be coming, but that it was not happening yet.

We got pregnant & I told myself I was going to make no predictions of what our baby was.
When it was our little girl, I knew it was the one we've been waiting for. It fit perfectly.
She fits perfectly & I am so excited to welcome her to our family. 
She is already so loved & so anticipated.

Now to find a name.
You can throw ideas out there if you want.
I have my top 3 favorites that are staying secret under lock & key, but picking names are hard!
I swear she won't have a name until a few hours after she's born.

Anyways, we are so excited I cannot even put it into words, I just thought I'd share some of this.
Love you all & thank you so much for your constant support & love!
We have the best family & friends.



  1. I am soooooo excited for you and Weston. He will be a great daddy to a little girl; after all he has an excellent example--Dave! And Rachel I know you'll be a wonderful mommy. You two might have to hide her from all her aunts -the Brinkerhoff girls and your sister-who will just love her! And Joan will be a fun grandma! This little girl will have so much love from both sides of your families....she will be so blessed! Again congratulations on PINK!

  2. A girl!! How fun!! Oh man, you are going to be in trouble when it comes to clothes shopping. There are a million cute baby clothes out there. I'm tempted to come to the health center just to see you! Haha.

  3. Weston, you did a great job of copying the little bean! Now the little bean has a gender! How nice to know now and thrilling for all! Love that you are looking so forward to being a mother and a father! I remember how excited I was when I found out about Aunt Julie coming to my home. I remember buying some little bibs and embroidering them. (not so many screen printed things back then and so much to choose from as there is today in patterns!) So not practical but who cared, I was doing it for my baby! Cannot wait for Little Pink to show up!


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