I am blessed

For all the check-ups I've had, I have been calm & haven't had nerve issues since about 8ish weeks! So, just over 2 months hah. But yesterday I was nervous. It might have been the lack of sleep from the night before, but I was just a little nervous. I had been having lots of cramping, just like I have the entire pregnancy & was just really anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat!

We had the appointment & I forgot to ask about this horrible lower back pain I've had for a couple months now. It comes randomly & it's just sharp horrible pain that I feel like I'm just going to tip over from.

The appointment was quick & easy & then Dr. D took out the Doppler & put it right on my tummy & WOW the heartbeat was instant. Neatest thing in the world. Wow. The baby's heart is beating strong at about 150 bpm. We were so elated.

We're so excited to see our little bean in an ultrasound tomorrow.
Time has been ticking so slowly trying to get to that point!
We're hoping the tech will just check the gender while we're there, even though we're not there for the anatomy check! The last tech 2 weeks ago would not check for us!

I am so tired today I can't even think straight. We didn't wake up till 7:30, which is 15 minutes AFTER we were supposed to leave. Gah.

I feel like the walking dead today, but am still flying a little high off the baby's heartbeat. Just anxious for tomorrow & bedtime at 8p.m.


  1. I would get back aches like crazy too! So excited for you!

  2. Rachel, I feel for your loving concern. We pray for your little one every single day! Now you must do your part and get the rest you need. I know how you like to stay up late but it will do you in! Get your rest and take your vitamins and that's an order! LOL grandmother xxxooo


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