The Food-Man

When we eat out Weston always orders "the biggest thing on your menu."

He eats like a horse.

I was looking through the baby pictures I have of him & laughed.
Notice the theme?

Not to mention I love looking at pictures of him when he was little.
Gosh I hope our babies look just like him!

Or me, because, I mean, I was pretty cute, too.
I'm the one in the car seat.
That's Deej single fingeredly giving me a head massage.
I'm obviously loving it.

btw we got to see our little bean today!

a weird uterus & some spotting will get you far, folks.
It was SO cute in the ultrasound.
We're talking world's cutest baby.
But you'll have to settle for this weird angled ultrasound picture the grumpy tech took!

This is when she measured the baby from behind, from top of head to rump!
Love my phone, it likes to make all pictures look like they belong on "The Ring."


  1. Those pictures of Wes are too funny. If you have a boy, you are going to have a large food bill in 15 years. When do you guys find out the sex of the baby?

  2. Hopefully, in 2 weeks! As long as the umbilical cord and legs are cooperating! :) We had an ultrasound yesterday & the lady was so crabby & wouldn't even check! I bet you $20 that she could have seen the gender if she had looked!

  3. Me thinks there is a pattern here, as you rightly pointed out! I think Ashley hit the nail on the head! Teenage boys can really eat. When my twin boys left home, I began to live in a different world! lol Enjoyed the pictures and so happy that things are going swimmingly for the little back stroker! Love you and really looking forward to seeing you very soon!


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