Weston's Hard Work!


He got B averages & above in all of his paramedic courses & is MOVING ON!

Basically, moving on means he can actually graduate as a paramedic & test in the national registry exam in August! He had to have a B average so we were very nervous & was feeling the pressure this semester. It was a very quick moving program & he was busy all semester.

His instructors said on the last day of his finals, "Gentlemen, you can now re-introduce yourselves to your wives & then in a week when clinicals start, you can say goodbye again!"

Weston's base department is Sandy, he's so excited, because apparently that's where the "tough" guys get sent, he's so excited!

I'm so proud of him for working SO hard. His classes were Monday-Thursday 8-5 & he had 2 exams EVERY WEEK. One was 100 questions & the other was a pharmacology test on 6 or 7 different medications (& I mean EVERYTHING about these medications).

He worked so hard & was so very dedicated. He worked 2 days a week & studied every other second from Monday morning to Saturday night at midnight.

I was very bored, yet our house was very clean this semester!

He will be doing rotations in Labor & Delivery, ORs, ERs, Fire Departments & at in Intensive Care Units.

He is so excited.

Ultimately, Weston wants to get on with Lifeflight. This has been his goal & I know he will work very hard to get there.  I am so proud of him & his progress in school & his level of dedication is most impressive! 
I couldn't be more proud of Weston! He's busted his bum and it has really paid off!

I'm excited for graduation in August!

We graduate in April 2014. My goodness. I'm so excited. He only has a few credits he needs after December. I'm so HAPPY.


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  1. What a fabulous tribute, Rachel! I didn't know about all of this. (Don't assume your Mom tells me.) So very excited for Weston's graduation upcoming! It will be here before you know it! So VERY PROUD OF YOU, WESTON!!! This has been hard I know but what a great amazing journey for you both! Good luck on all the rest until you hold that beautiful paper in your hands!


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